Procedures for Licenses and Permits

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Even if you have a fantastic business idea, you should first check the rules of your county or city. This will ensure that you have all the necessary business licenses and permits.

Complete your documentation as quickly as possible if you do not want to lose your investment.

National, state, and local regulations

How do I know what type of permit to apply for?

Learn about the many types of permits you’ll need depending on your industry.

Licenses and Permits

Reviewing national, state and local regulations is the best approach to determine which permits or licenses to process. It is worth noting that you can manage all of these licenses simultaneously if necessary.

This step is critical as these documents may be necessary to open the doors of your business.


What licenses will you need?

If your industry is regulated by an association, board, or commission, you may submit a certification or document. This is the only way to get your business a license.

Certain business activities may require a federal license. The following industries must apply for specific permits from a  government agency:

– Aviation

– Agriculture

 – Wildlife

– Fishing

– Transportation and logistics

– Mining and drilling

– Maritime transportation

– Television and radio broadcasting

– Ammunition, guns, or explosives

You must obtain the needed permits to retain your company’s personal liability protection and legal and tax benefits. Still have no idea what they are? Contact our consultants to determine the next step.

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