Contractors Insurance

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Contractors General Liability

Responsabilidad general del contratista
  • At Aguila Commercial Insurance, we have contractor’s insurance specialists ready to assist you! We begin by performing a complete study of your current insurance and quickly provide you with the most competitive rate in the market.
  • Contractors Insurance demands industry knowledge, which is why our Contractors Insurance Specialists are continually updated on the requirements of each city or municipality for permit applications.
  • We recognize that all applications are often urgent, so our contractor insurance professionals will ensure that your certifications are submitted on time and that your insurance needs are fulfilled immediately.
  • At Aguila Commercial Insurance, we will ensure that you are well informed about any potential losses or events that may neeed filing an insurance claim. Our contractor’s insurance experts will ensure that you are protected.
  • We constantly make sure that your insurance needs are met at Aguila Commercial Insurance. Please contact us immediately if you have an urgent insurance situation and need to speak with one of our specialized contractors insurance agents, if you require a copy of your certificate to ensure a job or to know the requirements you need to get a job.

Insurance for Tools and Equipment

Yes, your tools also require protection. Some contractors believe their tools are insured, but they aren’t unless they have separate insurance coverage. The only insurance that covers tools and equipment is Inland Marine Insurance.

Contractors All Risks Insurance Policy

The ALL RISK CONTRACTORS insurance service from Aguila Commercial Insurance has the greatest coverage for your business. Our contractors insurance experts will recommend the right coverage depending on your project’s requirements.

CONTRACTORS ALL RISK often covers the following:

  1. Construction Flaws
  2. Vandalism
  3. Theft
  4. Fire

This type of property insurance covers damage to the structure while being built. It protectss a person’s or organization’s interest in the materials, fixtures, and equipment used in construction or renovation. It protects against fire, wind, theft, and vandalism.

Note: (“This insurance policy does not usually cover natural disasters” such as earthquakes and floods).

Commercial Auto Insurance

Aguila Commercial Insurance has a representative ready to provide you with the best and most affordable commercial vehicle insurance quote. Commercial auto insurance offers coverage comparable to personal auto insurance, including injury, uninsured motorist protection, accident, collision, and theft claims costs.

What is the distinction between them? There are special eligibility requirements for commercial auto insurance. The following are some of the requirements:

  1. The vehicle belongs to the business.
  2. The vehicle is used for commercial purposes.
  3. The vehicle is over 10,000 pounds in weight.
  4. The vehicle is utilized for business reasons, such as transporting goods and/or people.

Workers' Compensation Insurance

If an employer receives a 1099 form at the end of the year, they are not required to furnish WORKERS’ COMPENSATION INSURANCE. Contractors must simply ensure that they are IRS-defined as independent contractors. If it is possible to obtain WC for self-employed/traders, do so; you will save money. Regulations differ by state.

Contractor License Bonds

Before having a license or permission, many municipal, state, and federal laws need a surety bond. These are divided into two categories:


  1. Those designed to ensure compliance with rules and regulations (funeral directors, real estate brokers, and private detectors MUST HAVE A WARRANTY BOND).

1.The second category is intended to secure the payment of certain taxes (gasoline, liquor, and tobacco sales).

Bonos de garantía para licencia de contratista


A contractor’s bid bond is a debt that bidders guarantee for a construction project. It ensures the project owner completes the job correctly if the bidder is chosen.

A Contractor’s Payment Bond

(Also known as a labor/material bond) ensures that the work will be completed and delivered without liens or encumbrances. Payment bonds guarantee that the property will be transferred free and clear of liens if the contractor fails to pay all invoices for labor and materials used on the project.

Contractor Performance Bonds

A performance bond ensures that the contractor will finish the original contract as the owner (obligee) specified. The surety bond will cover any losses incurred due to the contractor’s failure to complete the work on time.

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