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Seguro para negocios

General Liability Insurance for Businesses

Many commercial companies have this type of insurance policy. It is typical insurance that will protect your company from any liability claim arising from another person or business claim for bodily injury, property damage, or personal injury made by another person or business.

Important note: General liability insurance does not cover all types of accidents, including employee injuries, usually called “slip and falls,” property damage caused by natural disasters, negligence, or professional errors. Other insurance products that cover such events may be recommended.

Workers' Compensation Insurance

Many states require all workers with at least one employee to obtain this type of insurance policy. This insurance will cover any employee who cannot work due to a work-related accident and protect your small business if you are sued by someone working in unsafe conditions. However, this insurance policy will not cover an employee who is intoxicated.

If an accident occurs during working hours, INSURANCE will cover medical expenses. It will also cover medical costs and wage replacement.

Commercial Auto Insurance

Aguila Commercial Insurance has a representative available to assist you with the best and most affordable Commercial Auto quote.

COMMERCIAL AUTO INSURANCE is quite similar to personal auto insurance. Both provide liability coverages such as personal injury, uninsured motorist protection, and any claim fees incurred from accidents, collisions, and theft. Also, additional optional coverages. What’s the distinction between the two? There are eligibility requirements for COMMERCIAL AUTO INSURANCE. The following are some of the requirements:

1. The business owns the vehicle.
2. The vehicle is driven commercially and weighs more than 10,001 pounds.
3. The vehicle is employed for commercial purposes, such as conveying goods and people for a fee or transporting company property.

Commercial Property Insurance

Do you own or rent a building for your company? COMMERCIAL PROPERTY INSURANCE could help you protect your physical business assets. This is insurance coverage for businesses and other organizations that protect your buildings and belongings from damage caused by a covered cause of loss, such as a fire, storm, or other occurrences. It can also be used to replace lost or stolen items.

Business Owners' Insurance (BOP)

This insurance policy covers small and medium-sized buildings, offices, and retail outlets with a comprehensive portfolio of coverages.

It will include both statutory and optional property and liability coverages. It covers buildings and their contents with property insurance.

The regular policy and the particular policy, which provides more comprehensive coverage, are the two types of plans available.

*BOP does not cover auto insurance, workers’ compensation, professional liability, health, or disability.

Insurance Coverage for Professionals (E & O)

PROFESSIONAL LIABILITY INSURANCE (also known as Errors & Omissions) protects your professional services and/or business from allegations of carelessness or failure to perform professional duties.
This type of liability insurance coverage protects individuals and corporations against being held liable for negligence or failure to perform professional duties.
The insurance services provided by Aguila Commercial Insurance safeguard you from legal litigation by providing you with the best pricing and coverages for your business.

Restaurant Insurance

Restaurant Insurance

At Aguila Commercial Insurance, we want to keep your restaurant running without any problems. We can make a plan for you that includes the insurance services you require. Regulations will differ depending on your restaurant’s demands and neighborhood constraints.

Insurance for Businesses With Retail Merchandise Sales

Customers and suppliers are constantly flowing in and out of your business, putting the items on display at risk! RETAIL BUSINESS INSURANCE can protect you from a variety of issues.


We’ve covered you from vandalism to a slip and fall, customer lawsuits, etc.


Protect your company and your inventory!

Contractor's Insurance

Responsabilidad general del contratista

This type of insurance protects you financially from expensive litigation and claims. It also covers bodily injury (BI), property damage, and claims after completing construction or a project.

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